Tom Fisher has always had a strong sense of roots. A Sarnia native, he had spent many years working across Canada in a variety of sales positions, including with Ford Motor Company and, most recently, as the Field Training Manager for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business in British Columbia. After so many years away, Tom and his wife Krista decided to return to Sarnia to raise their children. Tom has fond memories of the area. “I played AAA Hockey here and a full Junior hockey career. I’ve left five different times, but I always came back to Sarnia.” Tom and Krista appreciate the slower pace, and they wanted the same for their kids.

In May of 2016, Tom and Krista started Mudsen & Company. Their company is a true family operation. This unique sales agency offers sales consulting services and allows companies to outsource their sales and marketing processes. Tom uses his years of sales experience to network, develop marketing plans, and to recruit and train salespeople. “I have worked in sales and sales management for more than twenty-five years in many different sales environments. I am passionate about building sales plans and implementing sales processes that achieve results,” Tom explains.

Mudsen & Company

Family is everything to the Fishers. The company’s name comes from their daughter, Myah, who had trouble when she was younger pronouncing her brother Hudsen’s name, instead calling him Mudsen. The name stuck. They also like using the image of a wheel stuck in mud to highlight how they can help. They clear out the mud by introducing sales, marketing and management processes that execute and continue to run smoothly. “I enjoy building and implementing a simple yet duplicatable sales plan and sales process that will drive results.”

Tom’s understanding of sales cycles and marketing has served him well across many different industries. Today, he puts that knowledge and experience to work for his clients, helping them to increase their sales and marketing reach. As the CFO, Krista is responsible for the powerful data analytics the firm uses to serve their customers. Both Tom and Krista understand that it can be difficult for smaller companies to take on their own marketing alone, and that’s where they come in. “We want to develop and implement sales and marketing strategies and processes that will bring the desired results for our clients. We know that we can save them money on salary costs and payroll taxes by consulting,” Tom explains. They customize each plan to suit the client’s business plans and budgets.

One of the main motivators for starting their own company was the ability to spend time together. Previously Tom had travelled across the country for his job; now he is making time to travel with his family. They have recently discovered a love of camping. “One of our favourite things about being back in Sarnia is getting to spend time outdoors together,” says Tom. They have an extended vacation booked for this summer and are looking forward to shutting off their iPhones and spending some quality time together.

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In May of 2017, the first edition of Year of Local was released. They are available for purchase at The Book Keeper. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the local Sarnia-Lambton charities featured in the book.