David Burrows started The Show in order to highlight local stories and promote people and events in the city of Sarnia. The first episode aired in November, 2011. “I’ve lived my whole life here; I never left. I love this community and wanted to share all the positive things happening here,” says Burrows. For twenty-five years Burrows has built relationships with people in the area through his Karaoke and Disc Jockey business. He still does a few Karaoke engagements but his focus in on building his business.

Michael Learned of the Waltons

Burrows always dreamed of hosting a talk show. He enjoyed watching David Letterman and Mike Bullard perform when he was younger; they inspired him to enter the business. When Burrows first set out to film his show, he planned on incorporating national and even international entertainment content. He purchased a camera and scheduled his first interview with a Canadian recording artist. After completing the forty-minute interview and editing it down for the show, he found that he loved incorporating local features even more. He decided to shorten the episode lengths and focus on local stories. After spending a year building The Show, making changes and refining it, Burrows hit upon a formula that has worked very well for him. “I found a great balance with the individual pieces. The final result was something that both the public and businesses appreciated,” he explains. The community and Entertainment Scene segments are two staples of the internet show. “Focusing strictly on local content really made it click.”

The Show has allowed him to combine his love of talking with his interest in technology. “I’ve always had the talk show part down, but I’ve learned so much about video editing, for example, that I didn’t know before.” With the success of The Show, Burrows is now working to help others create local content. He hosts his own show on TVSN – The Video Show Network. TVSN promotes several local shows and the creators work together to provide stories that is of interest to the community. “I started TVSN to act as a hub. I knew that other people were interested in hosting their own shows too. Michelle Dionne hosts Positive Power. She’s very motivational,” says Burrows. Mark Russell has hosted a program in the past and Burrows also has a Business Spotlight show.

Sarnia Sting

Burrows is always on the lookout for interesting local content. He broadcasts the Sarnia City Council Meetings on the TVSN feed. “I’m also working on a new live show. It’s going to cover a variety of topics,” Burrows explains. Perhaps most exciting for Burrows, he has also introduced a segment involving commentary on the Sarnia Sting that is recorded at their games. The segment is filmed from the fan’s perspective. “I pulled in Jay Peckham,” Burrows explains. “He is the biggest Sting fan there is.” Burrows and Peckham analyze the team play. “The segment has been doing really well. It’s a lot of fun working with Jay,” Burrows adds.

For more information visit: www.tvsn.ca


In May of 2017, the first edition of Year of Local was released. They are available for purchase at The Book Keeper. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the local Sarnia-Lambton charities featured in the book.